Grey Pride: The Dead Members Club. An advanced guide for the everyday dirty old man

Grey Pride: The Dead Members Club


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  • EAN: 2000000479323
  • ISBN: 2000000479323
  • Editorial: Los amigos de Yorick
  • Encuadernación: Bolsillo rústica
  • Medidas: 13 X 20 cm.
  • Páginas: 181

  • Materias
  • Afines y otros
  • Humor
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Gays and lesbians have left the closet-now is the turn of the much-maligned Dirty Old Man. Algernon Goggle, long-standing member of the élite geriatric Dead Members Club in central London, here corrects and updates Dr. Asimov's pioneering study, The Sensuous Dirty Old Man. His advice ranges from theoretical discussions of the Ivan Denisovich Effect, the Cardinal Law of Domotics, or the Fig Leaf Principle, to such concrete tips as the best European grazing grounds and seasons, or how to counter the terrible weapons every woman possesses, such as the Third Eye. With this indispensable Guide, complete with real Case Studies and Readers' Letters, the sincere Dirty Old Man can maintain his aesthetic interest in God's greatest creation-Woman-and reach his full potential to become a respected figure of the community.

But there is a terrible menace hanging over the Club, and even Madrid's Plaza Mayor can be a death trap?

The author is clearly bonkers. We demand that this pernicious 'Guide' be withdrawn from circulation at once.
- Ms Diana Dryclam, Spokeswoman for the Feminae Collective -

In me, Steve Redwood has a devoted reader. No one else is so good at combining humour, audacity and intelligence. And what more can one ask for?
- Carmen Posadas -

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